Cup of Joy

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Omelet  R60

Special Breakfast  R40

Boere Breakfast  R68

Jumbo se Breakfast  R70

Quiche And Salad  R50

Pancake With Banana, Cream And Caramel  R58

Pancake With Mince & Salad  R60

Ham And Cheese  R29

Cheese And Tomato  R27

Ham Cheese And Tomato  R32

Mince And Cheese  R40

Chicken Mayonnaise  R40

Bacon And Banana  R38

Bacon Cheese And Egg  R40

Mince Mushroom And Cheese  R42

Russian And Cheese  R39

Cheese  R22

Cup Of Joy  R40

Mamma Burger  R50

Breakfast Burger  R50

Rib Burger  R55

Johanthan Russian Burger  R55

Dagwood  R55

Cheesegriller & Chips  R48

Small Chips  R16

Medium Chips  R20

Large Chips  R26

Breakfast For One (1x Toast, 1x Egg, 1x Bacon, Grilled Tomato)  R25

Cheesegriller Or Big Russian  R20

Small Russian  R15

Pancake with Sugar  R6

Coffee  R20

Cappuccinos  R24

Cappuccino With Cream  R30

Latte  R27

Hot Chocolate  R27

Milo  R27

Condensed Milk Coffee  R29

Tea  R25

Milkshakes  R30

Still Water  R10

Sodas  R15

Fruit Juices  R16

Float  R25

Milkshakes  R20

Sodas  R15

Fruit Juices  R15

Float  R20

Vienna & Chips  R30

Nuggets & Chips  R35

Burger & Chips  R40

Toasted Cheese & Chips  R25

Fish Fingers & Chips  R35

Chips  R16

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