Kriel Clean-Up Group

The Group

Kriel Clean-up Group was founded by Jan Hendrik Noeth after reading posts on FaceBook where members of Kriel community where complaining about how dirty their town was.

Jan started to ask members of Kriel community to be part of a group with their focus on cleaning our town, and so they started the Kriel Clean-Up Group.

We started cleaning at the four way of Springbok single in March 2019, we use our own equipment as we do not yet have sponsors or donations for the equipment we urgently need.

We clean the streets once every second weekend, focusing on one street at a time where we pick up rubbish, cut grass, clean drains and spray for weeds. We strive to make our parks and streets clean and livable again, we also aim to install bins at key points in our town to help keep the town clean.

We are a community group and we are not supported by the municipality or any other political party, we do this for the love we have for our town, Kriel.

We Urgently Need:

Warning flags

Warning Cones

Plastic Bags

Dust Masks

Safety Gloves

Safety Goggles



Petrol Brush Cutters

Petrol Blowers




10lt Pressure Sprayers

A Trailer


We are in need of donations for gravel stones and plants so we can improve certain parts of our town.

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Thank You For Your Support!